Jason Beckman

University of the Arts, Philadelphia

"Katie, Elke and Janice have been instrumental teachers for me, especially as a young artist. They brought life to Shakespeare and physical life on stage in a way I never experienced it before. Their dynamism in a classroom together is electrifying.Outside of the classroom, they have always kept me in their lives not only a student, but as a colleague and collaborator. I have known the three of them for 7 years now, and they are still actively in my artistic life. Only truly caring and inspirational teachers can achieve this effect in a student’s life."


Lily Moret

Texas State University

"I first met Katie and Elke, when I was 15. Now, being 21, I still consider them to be the most important mentors I have had the opportunity to learn from. Both inside and outside the classroom Katie and Elke are always available for students’ needs. They want you to be you, and aren't interested in making a generic wash with their students' development. Engaging, generous, and rigorous - they will push you, and they will celebrate you. But more importantly, in the big - small world of theatre, they will never drop you as a student."


Daniel Strausman

CalARTS & RADA (London, UK)

"I’d been in lots of school plays, but Teen Shakespeare was my first exposure to the way a serious actor approaches their craft. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t use something I learned there, and I apply the First Folio technique to every Shakespeare production I’m in. I attended for two summers and it was an excellent foundation for moving on to a full-summer university program, and eventually to competitive university auditions. Thanks Katie, Elke, and Janice for an inspiring start and your continuing friendship."


Jacob Ross

Ithaca College

"My experience working with Elke and Katie was one that fueled my continued passion for the exploration of body-mind acting. Following years of "inside-out" training, I left my workshop with them with a newfound sense of excitement. Elke and Katie work patiently and have a fine ability to pinpoint just what moments need to be broken down in the work in order for the energy of the piece to flow and stay buoyant. And they are two of the kindest teachers around!"