The New York Teen Shakespeare Intensive welcomes everyone, regardless of their level  of experience. Whether a participant is coming to the program as beginner or with a wealth of theatre experience, each student will grow from the place where they start on Day One. Here, it’s all about the participant's individual journey, discovery and growth. Join us this summer to raise your talent, intuition and skill set to the next level.


$2,350 ($2,250 with Early Registration Discount) 

  • Early Registration $100 Discount

  • Registration Tuition Deposit: $350 (Deposit Deadline May 18th to Receive Early Registration Discount)

  • NYC Dorm Housing Available (Housing additional charge)

  • Application Fee & Registration Tuition Deposit Non-Refundable (Tuition Balance due before start of Intensive)



Day Students

  • Step 1. Click and fill out the Registration Application form above with $25 application fee. We will then email you a Registration Packet. If you have requested the Housing Package, we will include the housing forms with the Registration Packet.

  • Step 2. Return signed and notarized Registration Packet with $350 registration deposit.

  • Step 3. By July 10 remit tuition balance (tuition minus $350 registration deposit), plus optional Lunch and Entertainment Package charges.

Dorm Students
Same steps as above, EXCEPT that to guarantee housing, the housing forms AND total housing charges MUST be received immediately. If you apply for housing after June 10 we will do our utmost to include you in our chaperoned housing group. However, we cannot guarantee it after that date due to the competitive NYC student summer housing market. Please note that housing charges are not refundable.