Is an audition required for enrollment?
No. The New York Teen Shakespeare Intensive welcomes students of all levels of experience and no audition is required for enrollment in our program. We believe that if a participant is communicating to their parent/guardian the genuine desire to learn and explore Shakespearean language and acting, that is the most important element we need to begin our work together.


Do I need to prepare anything for the Intensive?
Yes. Each participant must prepare and fully memorize, by heart, one Shakespeare monologue and one Shakespeare sonnet. These will be used on Day One of the Intensive. Participants should select a monologue and sonnet that they have a personal connection to – whatever that means to them.


What are the ages in this program? How many students are in it?
We accept enrollees aged 15 to 19, from rising high school sophomores to rising college freshman. We will consider 14 years of age in certain circumstances. Groups cap at 16 participants to make sure everyone receives individual attention and performance time, and so they can experience the bonding and camaraderie of a theatre company.


Do I need to have acting experience?
Although many of our students have some previous acting experience, it’s not required. Whatever the skill set you bring to the program, whether you are very experienced or an absolute beginner, you will progress in your acting ability, intuition, confidence, and knowledge. In previous incarnations of this program, participants have returned two or even three summers in a row, to revisit and further evolve their exploration as actors as they have matured and gained experience.


How do you manage different ages and levels of experience within the program?
Within the technical training, such as voice, movement, etc., each student grows at his/her own individual pace. We give careful consideration to pairings for scene work, and students will be matched with a scene partner of the same level.


May I attend just a part of the Intensive?
No. As the Intensive is progressive in nature, one day building upon the next, one would be lost if they were to join midpoint. Also, once the participants are cast in their particular scenes, they continue to evolve the previously learned work with their scene partners until the final invited sharing of their work.


I’m not from New York City. Is housing available?
Yes. Most of our students come from the New York City area, but every year we have a small group of out-of-town (or country) participants who require housing. For those students we offer a Housing Package for an extra fee, which includes safe, 24/7 chaperoned dorm accommodation and evening activities. Please contact us to inquire about housing specifics and rates.


If I do not sign up for housing can I still join in the evening activities?
Yes! Day students are welcome to join us for whatever we’re doing, and most evenings they do. Besides finding someplace interesting and affordable for dinner, we go twice to a Broadway or off-Broadway show (the kids vote to choose which ones we see), frequently spend an evening at Midsummer Swing at Lincoln Center, a Shakespeare in the park performance, and other activities, depending on what’s going on in the city during July and what the group is interested in. Expenses for these activities (some are free) are separate from the tuition.


Where do you have lunch?
To maximize working time, we have lunch delivered from a local deli or restaurant. Students choose their own items and we vary the place from day to day, to keep it interesting. There is a separate Lunch charge for this. Day students who do not wish to purchase the Lunch option are welcome to bring their own lunch, however be aware that there is no refrigerator in the studio. Of course we take seriously any food allergies, sensitivities, and restrictions.   


Does the Intensive run all three weeks without a break?
Over the course of the three weeks, the students will have a total of three days off from the program. Days off give time to rest from the rigors of full day training and to absorb the information and the experience. Dormitory students will, of course, be supervised on days off, and local students are invited to join in any off day activities.


Will my family get a chance to see my work?
Yes! The highlight of the Intensive is a performance on the last day in the beautiful black box theatre at GK Arts Center, which family and friends are encouraged to attend. 


Where is Shetler Studios & Theatres and is it accessible to public transportation?
Shetler Studios and Theatres is located at 244 West 54th Street in the in the heart of New York City’s theatre district. Click here for Map


Day Students

  • Step 1. Send us the Application form with $25 application fee. We will then mail you a Registration Packet. If you have requested the Housing Package, we will include the housing forms with the Registration Packet.

  • Step 2. Return signed and notarized Registration Packet with $350 registration deposit.

  • Step 3. By July 6 remit tuition balance (tuition minus $350 registration deposit), plus optional Lunch and Entertainment Package charges.

Dorm Students
Same steps as above, EXCEPT that to guarantee housing, the housing forms AND total housing charges MUST be received when you apply. If you apply for housing after June 1 we will do our utmost to include you in our chaperoned housing group. However, we cannot guarantee it after that date due to the competitive NYC student summer housing market. Please note that housing charges are not refundable.  


Refund/Credit Policy
Application fee ($25) and registration deposit ($350) are non-refundable. Remaining tuition (and Lunch and Entertainment Package charges, if applicable) are refundable, with written request for withdrawal, until the day the Intensive commences. We are unable to issue a tuition refund once the Intensive commences. In that case, Lunch and Entertainment Package charges will be refunded on a prorated basis.

The Housing Package is non-refundable.